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Doctorate of Nursing Practice Project

At A Glance

Course DescriptionSample ProjectsCBO RequirementsApplication & Project Dates
The purpose of the DNP project is to identify gaps between current and desired state of practice, and implement evidence-based solutions.Program participant survey implementation, data analysis, program modification recommendation, Quality Improvement, Process Improvement, Program Evaluation and Assessment, and Evidenced-Based Practice Implementation (EBP)CBO must designate a project supervisor, complete a project proposal, and provide project oversight, and share feedback on final deliverables

Project Collaboration Dates: Ongoing

Project Duration: 18 months from project start to finish, with an implementation phase in the Fall

Course Overview

The purpose of the DNP project is to identify gaps between the current and desired state of practice and implement evidence-based solutions. There is no single model for a project design, but all health professionals interfacing with the DNP student should be aware of the basic framework upon which the scholarly practicum is based to make a positive impact. Project collaboration lasts approximately 18 months from project start to finish.


Participating CBOs will be expected to:

  • Designate a project supervisor 
  • Complete a project proposal 
  • Provide project oversight
  • Share feedback on final deliverables


Sample projects

  • Program participant survey implementation 
  • Data analysis
  • Program modification recommendation