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Opportunities Guide | One-Time and Short-Term Projects

SOURCE Languages Volunteers Program

Over the years, SOURCE has received various requests from our partnering community-based organizations for assistance working with clients who speak little or no English. Within our diverse Hopkins family, we have many students, faculty, and staff who have various language skills, including native speakers, international scholars, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and people who have studied different languages.

In order to assist our existing SOURCE community partners, we recruit Hopkins students, faculty, and staff who would be interested in using their language skills to respond to community-identified needs. Types of assistance may include: translating documents, translating during non-medical appointments (such as school orientations), phone assistance, and much more. Volunteers could be asked to be available by phone, computer, or in-person. 

The program does not include any medical interpreting, and does not send volunteers to any private residencies. Over 30 requested languages have been identified by community partners! If you wish to call upon our JHU volunteers for your language-related needs at any point during the year, please enter your request via our online SOURCE Languages Volunteers Request Form or contact This service is only available to our SOURCE community partners.