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News for Partnering CBOs

Greetings to SOURCE Partnering Community-Based Organizations (CBOs)!

Information contained on this page is for current SOURCE partnering CBOs only. If you are not a partnering CBO, please learn more about applying to become a partner.

Complete Your Annual "Opportunities Checklist" Form Online!

Our 2022-2023 Opportunities Guidebook is here! Please review the Opportunities Guidebook to learn about the various programs, services and courses that SOURCE supports. Then, complete an opportunities checklist to indicate which of these are of interest to your CBO.

SOURCE’s “Languages” Volunteers Program

Over the years, SOURCE has received various requests from our partnering community-based organizations for assistance working with clients who speak little or no English. Within our diverse Hopkins family, we have many students, faculty, and staff who have various language skills, including native speakers, international scholars, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and people who have studied different languages. In order to assist our existing SOURCE community partners, we recruit Hopkins students, faculty, and staff who would be interested in using their language skills to respond to community-identified needs. Types of assistance may include: translating documents, translating during non-medical appointments (such as school orientations), phone assistance, and much more. Volunteers could be asked to be available by phone, computer, or in-person. The program does not include any medical interpreting, and does not send volunteers to any private residencies. Click here to view over 30 requested languages that have been identified by community partners! If you wish to call upon our JHU volunteers for your language-related needs, please enter your request via our online SOURCE Languages Volunteers Request Form. This service is only available to our SOURCE community partners. Click here to complete our Languages Volunteers Request Form


Provide an MPH Practicum Opportunity for a Student at Your CBO

Do you have a scholarly project that can be completed by a Public Health Practicum student?

A practicum is an opportunity for graduate-level public health students at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH) to apply public health competencies in a real-world setting.  The practicum, a graduation requirement, aims for student to develop skills/competencies and demonstrate the application of these through a practice experience relevant to the student’s areas of interest.

All Masters in Public Health students are required to complete 100 hours of a project that fulfills the following criteria:

  • Applies public health skills and competencies relevant to the student’s area of interest.

  • Is framed and carried out within a public health practice context (includes population-level activities at an established organization or agency);

  • Is supervised by a qualified preceptor who has experience and knowledge in the subject matter. (e.g. YOU!)

  • Is a significant experience (minimum 100 hours);

  • Is an evaluated experience: preceptors evaluate students based on achievement of defined learning objectives and deliverables; students reflect on and evaluate their overall practicum experiences.

If you have an extensive project that fits within this criteria, this would be an excellent opportunity for you to have a significant project accomplished. There is no due date for this, however, we highly recommend that you submit your proposals earlier in the academic year to maximize your potential to recruit a student for the project.

To review the extensive overview, take a look at the SOURCE Preceptor Information for the MPH Practicum. Additionally, SOURCE created a step-by-step guide on how to submit the proposal through our online system.  If you have any questions about this opportunity or ideas about a project you’d like to talk through, please reach out to SOURCE at or 410-955-3880.

Hopkins Engage for SOURCE Community Partners

All SOURCE community partners are encouraged to use Hopkins Engage, the University's online community engagement platform, to post volunteer, special event, and internship opportunities. SOURCE can assist our community partners with setting up and utilizing Hopkins Engage. Contact SOURCE at for assistance.