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SOURCE Opportunities Guide for Community Partners


Welcome to our SOURCE Opportunities Guide for partnering community-based organizations (CBOs)! The guide provides a general overview and detailed descriptions of each engagement opportunity available through SOURCE for collaboration with your organization. Whether you are interested in One-Time and Short Term Projects, Long-Term Projects, or collaborating on one of our many Service-Learning Courses, here you will find all the information needed to decide which programs or activities are the best fit for your organization.

How to Use the Guide

Click on the boxes below to learn more about the different opportunities for collaboration. Each section contains full details regarding the timing for all of our programs, one-time projects, and courses. You can also click on the Opportunities Timeline for a visual aid to refer to when planning for possible engagement with students, faculty, and staff at the Johns Hopkins health professional schools via SOURCE.

After you have reviewed the Opportunities Guide, please submit our Opportunities Checklist here to indicate which programs and activities your organization is interested in. Completing the Opportunities Checklist is an annual requirement (each summer) for partnering CBOs to remain in good standing.

SOURCE Opportunities Guide

Background Information About SOURCE

Learn more about the history of SOURCE, our Mission, our Core Values, and our Guiding Principles for Baltimore Community Engagement. Read about the different ways in which we facilitate collaborations between our partner CBOs and various stakeholders at the three Johns Hopkins health professional schools.

Services and Resources for Partner CBOs

Learn more about the services SOURCE offers for our partner organizations, such as recruiting volunteers from the three Johns Hopkins health professional schools, announcing volunteer requests via our email newsletter, developing curricular service-learning partnerships with faculty and students, professional development opportunities for staff, promotion through digital spaces like our Interactive Partner Map, and much more.

One-Time and Short-Term Projects

Explore the different opportunities for one-time and short-term engagement with volunteers, including our Community Connection Consultants program, SOURCE Languages Volunteers program, Donation Drives, and Days of Service.

Ongoing and Long-Term Projects

Read more details about our engagement opportunities that last over multiple terms or all the way through an academic year. These include various co-curricular service-learning programs such as SOURCE Service Scholars, Baltimore Action Projects, and HIV Counseling & Testing, as well as curricular programs like the Baltimore Community Practicum and Community Outreach Program. Internships, capstones and other practicum opportunities are also possible.

Service-Learning Courses at BSPH and SON

Learn about the different opportunities for collaboration with faculty and students through various Service-Learning Courses offered at the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the School of Nursing.

Opportunities Timeline for 2024-2025

Use this resource as a visual aid for quick reference in locating timeframes for the various opportunities' application cycles. Dates are included for proposal submissions and project durations across the academic year.