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Information for International Students

SOURCE gladly welcomes international students to Hopkins and the Baltimore community! SOURCE has many ways for international students to get involved from one-time days of service to on-going opportunities.

Students on a non-immigrant visa are eligible to volunteer with nonprofit community-based organizations. Please note that volunteering is defined as performing a service for an organization without payment. Students should be aware that providing services to a for-profit or nonprofit entity which would have been done otherwise by a paid employee is illegal. Students should not respond to employment advertisements and offer their services for free in order to gain experience. Students who would like to participate in an internship, where credit is received for services, should contact their International Services advisor. All Hopkins students are ineligible to perform clinical volunteer services unless directly supervised by a Hopkins faculty member. The good news is SOURCE is able to connect students to genuine volunteer opportunities in Baltimore. Examples include:

Students participating in Optional Practical Training (OPT) may also utilize SOURCE to find jobs or volunteer opportunities in the community. Students should first contact the International Services Office before contacting SOURCE in order to make sure eligibility and paperwork requirements are met.

If you would like to get involved in the Baltimore community and would like to set up an appointment to explore possibilities, email us at or call us at (410) 955-3880.

If you have questions surrounding your eligibility for a particular opportunity, contact the Office of International Services.