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SOURCE Service-Learning Fellowship



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SOURCE Service-Learning Fellowship Overview

The SOURCE Service-Learning Fellowship is a comprehensive program that engages faculty members each year for a one-year term as they become part of a wider community of faculty who use service-learning pedagogy. This year-long professional development opportunity equips faculty with all of the necessary tools and methods to develop critical service-learning partnerships and courses.

Through the program, Fellows integrate a service-learning component into a new or existing course with assistance from SOURCE. Throughout the program, Fellows receive training during an intensive 2.5 day virtual seminar (see details below) which kicks off the program in June, in addition to ongoing training throughout the year. Additionally, Fellows receive one-on-one consultation with SOURCE faculty on service-learning curriculum development and service-learning project development.

Faculty Fellows Program Goals


Learning Objectives

As a result of the Faculty Fellows Program, faculty will be able to…


Fellows Commitments


Seminar Details

The SOURCE Service-Learning Fellowship Seminar is a 2.5 day virtual training kicking off the program, where faculty fellows, community fellows and Fellowship Seminar facilitators engage in discussions around a number of important topics in order to integrate service-learning into health professional school curricula. Senior Faculty Fellows and Senior Community Fellows facilitate the seminar alongside SOURCE leaders. Session topics and discussions include: service-learning and the health fields, service-learning and principles of partnership, experiential learning theories, ethics of service-learning, service-learning course and curriculum design, critical reflection, evaluation and assessment in service-learning, service-learning logistics, working with communities, and scholarship and research in service-learning. 

Seminar Faculty

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Seminar Logistics


General Timeline (2020-21 Academic Year)

*Note: Additional optional meetings for the entire cohort are scheduled bi-monthly to discuss elements of interest to Fellows and are open to all past and current Fellows.





The Service-Learning Fellowship is relevant for:


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