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Comments from Our Students

Collaborating with community-based organizations is a great way to develop skills, build your resume/CV, gain practical experience and much more.

But don't take our word for it. See what other students have said about their experiences:

"Volunteering with various organizations in the East Baltimore community has given me a much more in-depth understanding of how individuals within the community live from day to day."
- Bridget Basile….School of Nursing

"I learned from my involvement in the community is that there is a need out there. The need is for us to keep working with the community."
- Lynn Desrosiers…School of Nursing

"Volunteering in the community helped me keep things in perspective while I am a student. Working with the community reminds me of why I entered the healthcare field. This reminder is vitally important because it is easy to lose focus of long term goals when being bombarded with the pre-clinical sciences. I have a better understanding of Baltimore and see myself as part of the community rather than just helping the community."
- Nevine Ali….School of Medicine

"What I gained from volunteering in the community was a better sense of the East Baltimore community-geography, populations, resources, political, social, and economic issues. It helps me keep my perspective on why I have come to medical school. An increased diversity in the people I interact with by going outside of the School of Medicine."
- Sangini B. Shah…..School of Medicine

"What I learned from volunteering in the community is the underlying strength of the community and the determination of individuals to make a difference. I also learned much more about the issues that the community feels are important."
- Marguerite Baty….School of Nursing and School Public Health

"I don’t have to commit tons of time and effort to make a difference."
- Anonymous…… School of Public Health

"Even if you can’t be a part of a long-term project, the sense of fulfillment you receive from volunteering is a feeling like none other. I learned that not being selfish with my time results in good for both me and the community."
- Nina Washington…..School of Public Health