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Service Opportunities

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Hopkins Engage

Hopkins Engage, powered by GivePulse, is the university’s community engagement platform that allows JHU students, staff, and faculty to connect directly with community partners, Baltimore nonprofit agencies, and other community-engaged campus departments. The platform provides easy search function for you to connect directly with organizations and projects you care about! Hopkins Engage serves as a resource to Hopkins affiliates and our communities, all with the goal of positively impacting the Baltimore community through community service and civic engagement. Any Hopkins affiliate can log in through single sign-on with your JHED ID. You can become a member of JHU and any other campus partners that are of interest to you and start getting connected. Continue reading below to learn more about getting involved with Hopkins Engage.

Ongoing Opportunities


Donation Drives

Ongoing drives to benefit the community are planned throughout the year.

Languages Volunteer Program

Do you read, write and speak another language? If so, please register within our SOURCE Languages Volunteers database. We receive requests from community partners for language volunteers (everything except for medical interpreters, who must be certified).