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SOURCE Online Preceptor Modules

Welcome to SOURCE's Online Preceptor Modules! These modules were created to prepare you to work effectively with students through SOURCE service-learning projects, whether through long-term projects or short-term courses. Although these modules are designed for preceptors who are working on scholarly or academic projects with students, these modules are useful for anyone working with Hopkins health professional students.

SOURCE requires partners working with students as a part of a course and other engagement opportunities to complete the module every three years. Once you complete the required modules and successfully complete the quiz, a certificate will be generated. Please send your certificate to

Module Overview

There are six short presentations, totaling 55 minutes. Below is an overview of each of the modules:

  1. Module 1: Precepting Essentials Introductions: This module provides an overview of the series and the learning objectives.
  2. Module 2: Core Concepts for Precepting: This module gives an overview of SOURCE, service-learning and principles the courses use for working with community partners in addition to how you can propose a project.
  3. Module 3: About Precepting: This module gives an overview of the preceptor role, benefits and what you can expect from the experience.
  4. Module 4: Working with Students: This module provides insights into working with students and the unique nature of supervising students at the JHU health professional schools.
  5. Module 5: Best Practices: This module goes deeper into the role of the preceptor and provides tips and best practices to help you maximize the work the students are doing with your organization.
  6. Module 6: Information and Resources: This provides an overview of the three JHU health professional schools and their unique roles. This can help you navigate the programs with SOURCE a bit better.

Once you have completed the modules, please send your certificate (can be downloaded once you’ve successfully completed the module series) to

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