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Online Training Modules

In partnership with various faculty, staff, students, and community leaders, SOURCE has developed a series of three online modules to prepare students, faculty, staff and other Hopkins representatives for accountable, responsible, authentic, collaborative academic-community partnerships.

We urge all who are intending to become involved in community activities (volunteerism, field placements, practicum, internships, scholarly projects, etc.) in Baltimore (or elsewhere) to prepare themselves for their work by viewing the modules.

These online modules are required for many of the service-learning courses supported by SOURCE. We recommend the modules be watched in the order outlined below, however each module can be viewed independent of the others.

Funding for the SOURCE Online Modules series was provided by the office of JHU President Ronald J. Daniels. We also wish to acknowledge everyone who contributed to the development of the modules.


  • Click on the module that you wish to complete, and select “Register for this Course”
  • All of the online modules are located in CoursePlus, the online education platform for the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. You can access Course Plus using a JHED ID or by creating a Course Plus Account. If you have a JHED ID simply login after clicking on the module you wish to view. If you do not already have an JHED ID, you can create a Course Plus account once you have clicked on the module you wish to view. NOTE: The "Sign in with JHED" button is the bottom link on the sign in page (it lets you bypass registering for a Course Plus account)
  • Once you are logged into Course Plus, you can follow these easy steps to view the modules:
    • Click on “content” in the course site
    • To view the module, select “presentations” in the context section
    • Play through each section of the module by pressing the orange arrow
    • At the end of each module, you will be asked to take a knowledge assessment. Once you have successfully completed the quiz, a certificate of completion (in PDF form) will generate. Students participating in courses requiring the modules must send the certificate to the designated contact person for the course.
  • Technical Issues? If you have any issues with our SOURCE online modules that are hosted through the CoursePlus platform, you will need to contact the Center for Teaching and Learning. SOURCE is not able to provide technical support. You can use the “Help” button within the modules, or submit a help call online:

SOURCE Online Modules for Students

The following modules are designed to prepare students to work with the community and TAs to work with service-learning courses. These modules can also be utilized by faculty, staff, and community alike and we encourage you to share them with others.

Module 1: Johns Hopkins University & Baltimore: How History Impacts Our Work

This module takes a brief look at the history of Johns Hopkins University and the Baltimore community through a variety of interviews with community members, community-based organization representatives, and Hopkins faculty and staff. It focuses on the challenges, reasons for those challenges and how Hopkins and Baltimore continue to move forward to improve the relationship through various initiatives. Participants will receive resources to engage further in learning about JHU and Baltimore history.

Module 2: From Service to Partnership: Principles and Best Practices for Engaging with Community

The purpose of this module is to illustrate the importance of the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) principles of quality academic-community partnerships and to highlight SOURCE's "Do's and Don'ts" of community engagement. You will hear from community partners, students and faculty who have engaged in successful community partnerships discuss the challenges and benefits to partnership and provide concrete advice on moving forward successfully.

Module 3: Working in a Community Setting: Essential Competencies

This module focuses on specific competencies and guidelines in order to work thoughtfully with the community including professionalism, risk management, appropriate standards of conduct and ethics, cultural awareness, working with diverse populations.

Module 4: Service-Learning: Advancing Professional Goals through Community Engagement Opportunities

The purpose of this module is to provide an introduction to service-learning and to share the fundamental components and considerations for implementing this pedagogy. During this module you will learn about the components of quality service-learning, reflection, and how to avoid common mistakes. This module is useful for anyone looking to incorporate service-learning to maximize student learning, community impact, and professional development

TA Training Module

SOURCE has designed a training module for Teaching Assistants who are working with faculty on a service-learning course. The module covers the basics of service-learning and the role a TA would typically have to take in the process. It is meant to be completed in addition to the regular TA Training module. Students participating in service-learning classes (not as TA/s) are not required to take this module).

SOURCE Online Modules for Community Preceptors

Preceptor Module

SOURCE developed a series of modules to prepare SOURCE community partners to work effectively with students through SOURCE service-learning projects, whether through long-term projects or short-term courses. Although these modules are designed for preceptors who are working on scholarly or academic projects with students, these modules are useful for anyone working with Hopkins health professional students