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Publications on Community-Engaged Scholarly Sources: At-A-Glance Guide

Academic Exchange Quarterly

Institution: Academic Exchange
Disciplines: Education; All
Features: Research; Case studies

More information: Academic Exchange

Advances in Public Health

Institution: Published by Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Disciplines: Public Health
Features: Research, Clinical studies
More information: Advances in Public Health

African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine

Institution: The Flemish Interuniversity Council, the Department of University Cooperation for Development,
the Belgian government, et al.
Disciplines: Medicine; Public Health
Features: Research; Book reviews; Correspondences; Case studies; Conference reports;
Educational materials
More information:
African Journal

American Medical Association Journal of Ethics

Institution: Virtual Mentor
Disciplines: Ethical Challenges in Community-Based Participatory Research
Features: Theme for Ethical Challenges in CBPR
More information:
Virtual Mentor

Collaborations: A Journal of Community-based Research and Practice

Institution: University of Miami and Rutgers University
Disciplines: Community-University Collaborations
Features: Research; Practice collaborations; Outcomes of collaborations
More information: Community-based Research and Practice

Community Practitioner

Institution: The Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association
Disciplines: Nursing; Medicine; Public Health
Features: Research; Current events; Resources; Position papers; Clinical papers
More information:
Community Practitioner

Community Works Journal

Institution: Community Works Institute
Disciplines: Service-learning
Features: Workshops; Professional Development, Summer Institutes
More information:
Community Works

Community Works Journal(digital magazine)

Institution: Community Works Institute
Disciplines: All service-learning, education Fields
Features: Articles; Essays; Resource reviews; Events; Professional Development
More information:
Community Works Journal

Conflict & Health

Institution: Published by BioMed Central
Disciplines: All related to violent conflict & public health
Features: Research; Case studies; Meeting reports; Reviews; Field updates
More information:
Conflict and Health

Education for Health: Change in Learning and Practice

Institution: The Network: Toward Unity for Health
(consortium of health professional schools)
Disciplines: All health-related fields
Features: Research; Position papers; Book reviews
More information:
Education for Health

Family & Community Health: the Journal of Health Promotion & Maintenance

Institution: Published by Wolters Kluwer
Disciplines: Public Health; Occupational &
Environmental Health
Features: Research; Case studies; Media reviews; Position papers
More information:
Health Promotion and Maintenance

Gateways: International Journal of Community

Research and Engagement
Institution: University of Technology, Sydney
Disciplines: Practice and processes of University-community engagement
Features: Research and Practice-based articles; Forums
More information:

Health & Social Care in the Community

Institution: University of Manchester
Disciplines: Public Health; Environmental & Occupational Health; Social Work; social sciences
Features: Research; Book reviews; Policy papers; Literature reviews; Special issues
More information:
Health and Social Care

Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Institution: Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine
Disciplines: Public Health; Medicine; Public Health Administration; Medical Anthropology
Features: Research; Editorials; Position papers; Book reviews; Editorials; Correspondences; Current events
More information:
Community Medicine

International Journal for Equity in Health

Institution: International Society for Equity in Health
Disciplines: Public Health; Health Policy; all related to social determinants of health
Features: Research; Case studies; Commentaries; Editorials; Annotated bibliographies
More information:
Equity in Health

International Journal of Community Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement

Institution: Brandeis University
Disciplines: Multi-Disciplinary: Education, Developmental Psychology, Political Science, Sociology
Features: Research Articles; Theoretical Articles; Review Articles; Book Reviews
More information:
Service-Learning and Community Engagement

International Quarterly of Community Health Education

Institution: Published by Baywood Publishing
Disciplines: All health-related fields; education; social sciences
Features: Research; Commentary
More information:
Community Health Education

International Undergraduate Journal for Service-Learning, Leadership, and Social Change

Institution: Columbia College
Disciplines: Service-Learning, Leadership,Social Change
Features: Development of projects; Case studies; Reflections
More information:
International Journal

Journal for Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

Institution: Association of Clinicians for the Underserved
Disciplines: Medicine; Public Health
Features: Research; Position papers; Case studies; Events & Opportunities
More information:
Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved

Journal of Community Engagement & Scholarship

Institution: University of Alabama
Disciplines: All related to community engagement
Features: Research
More information:
Community Engagement and Scholarship

Journal of Community Health

Institution: SUNY – Brooklyn
Disciplines: Medicine; Public Health
Features: Research
More information:
Journal of Community Health

Journal of Community Health Nursing

Institution: Published by Routledge
Disciplines: Nursing; Public Health; Social &
Behavioral Sciences
Features: Research; Case studies; News briefs
More information:
Community Health Nursing

Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher and Student Affairs

Institution: Loyola University Chicago
Disciplines: All
Features: Articles; Conceptual papers; Case studies; Book reviews
More information: Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs

Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

Institution: Society for Social Medicine
Disciplines: Epidemiology; Public Health; Medicine
Features: Research; Commentaries; Position papers; Case studies
More information:
Epidemiology and Community Health

Journal of Health Policy & Development

Institution: Uganda Martyrs University
Disciplines: Public Health; Politics; Health Policy & Management
Features: Research; Current events; Case studies; Book reviews; Editorials; Event reports
More information:
Health Policy and Development

Journal of Higher Education Outreach & Engagement

Institution: University of Georgia
Disciplines: All
Features: Research & Philosophical inquiry; Case studies; Position papers; Book reviews
More information:
Higher Education Outreach & Engagement

Journal of Participatory Medicine

Institution: The Society for Participatory Medicine
Disciplines: Medicine; Public Health; Health Administration
Features: Research; Editorials; Case studies; Reviews; Research updates
More information:
Participatory Medicine

Journal of Primary Care & Community Health

Institution: Published by SAGE Publications
Disciplines: Public Health; Health Education; Health Policy; all related to community health
Features: Research; Case studies; Pilot studies; Commentaries; Review articles
More information:
Primary Care and Community Health

Journal of Public Scholarship in High Education

Institution: Missouri State University
Disciplines: Prospects and research for community engagement
Features: Case studies; essay reviews; Manuscript reviews; Evaluations
More information:
Public Scholarship in Higher Education

Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning

Institution: University of Michigan
Disciplines: All related to service-learning; Education
Features: Research; Position papers; Book reviews
More information:
Community Service-Learning

Participatory Learning and Action

Institution: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
Disciplines:Community Based Participatory Learning
Features: Research; Documentaries; Forums
More information:
Participatory Learning

Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning & Civic Engagement

Institution: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Disciplines: Cross-cultural Service Learning Relationships
Features: Book Reviews; Theories; Practices
More information:

Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action

Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Disciplines: Public Health
Features: Research; Case studies; Policy papers; any Health-related application of
Community-based Participatory Research
More information:
Community Health Partnerships

Public Health Chronicle

Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Disciplines: Public Health
Features: Capstones, Practicum, Dissertations
More information: Public Health Chronicle

Public Health Reports

Institution: U.S. Public Health Service
Disciplines: Public Health
Features: Research; Case studies; Commentaries; Position papers; Issue columns
More information:
Public Health Reports

Pedagogy in Health Promotion

Institution: Society for Public Health Education
Disciplines: Public Health
Features: Curriculum and course/program design; Assessment; Health Administration
More information: Pedagogy in Health Promotion