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JHU Child Safety Policy:  Procedures for Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health & Johns Hopkins School of Nursing


Any affiliated BSPH and/or SON programs, groups or courses that work with youth under the age of 18 years old in any capacity and for any length of time are required to complete the JHU Child Safety Policy.  All affiliated programs, groups and courses must complete the process below to be in compliance with the University policy. SOURCE will verify all documentation once the registration is complete, individuals complete trainings, Code of Conducts are submitted and screenings are complete. At least once a year, generally in the fall, programs must re-complete this process.  Also, if primary contacts change during the course of a year, you must notify SOURCE at or by calling 410-955-3880 so SOURCE can update all relevant forms.


  1. Complete Registration - There are three types of registration: Group, Adult/Mentor and Youth/Child. 
  1. Complete Training: Those who work with children under the age of 18 in any capacity and for any length of time must complete this on-line training.  Parents and guardians do not have to complete this training when working with their own children.  You will receive a certificate upon completion of the training. Send the certificate to  Follow the steps below to access the training: 
  1. Adult/ Mentor Code of Conduct: All adult(s)/mentor(s) (anyone 18 years of age and older) must complete this form.  It provides specific reporting procedures you must follow if you have reason to believe a youth/ child (under 18 years old) has been subject to abuse or neglect.  You are encouraged to keep a copy for your records to reference when appropriate.  Email a signed copy of the Code of Conduct to
  2. Screening: All adults/mentors (18 years and older) have to have a criminal background check completed prior to interacting with youth/children (younger than 18 years old).  SON students may count their criminal background check results to fulfill this requirement so long as it has been conducted within the past five years and you can provide proof that there were no adverse records found.  To obtain your SON background check, visit  Once you've accessed the site, select option #2 ("click here to check the status"), then input your information and the background check will be brought up.

    BSPH groups and non-Hopkins affiliated adults/mentors must complete a background check or provide proof of one within the last year with no adverse records.  Some community-based organizations have specific locations or companies for background checks. Please inquire with the organization. Or, to obtain a background check through JHU, please contact your division's HR representatives.

    Proof of background checks should be submitted via email to  Any cost incurred for the background check is the responsibility of the individual. Some organizations will cover the costs of background checks. Please discuss with the organization you are partnering with for your community engagement activity.

  3. Parental Consent: Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must provide their consent in order for their youth/child to be involved in your program.  Here is a template you can use. For parents/guardians who are already affiliated with a partner organization, there is no need to complete this step.  If you have already obtained a parental consent form, you may use that in place of the template provided.  If you are planning a field trip off campus, you must also complete this form for each trip.

Note: Depending on the work of your program/group and interaction with youth, additional requirements may be needed, including but not limited to fingerprinting, which is required for persons who are employed to work in covered programs.  If you are receiving a paycheck for the work that you are doing with youth, this policy pertains to you. These generally include persons who care for, supervise, work with or otherwise have access to or contact with youth/ children through these programs.  See Section II.B. of the Policy on the Safety of Children in University Programs.

What is the Approval Process? 

Once the registration is completed for affiliated BSPH or SON programs/groups, adults/mentors and youth/ hildren, all adults/mentors are trained, screened and have signed the Code of Conduct and parental consent is received for each youth/ child, SOURCE will verify all documentation. 

What is the Renewal Process?

At least once a year (generally in the fall), programs must re-complete this process.  Also, if primary contacts change during the course of a year, your program/group must notify SOURCE at or by calling 410-955-3880 so SOURCE can update all relevant forms.