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Food 4 Life

Hampstead Hill Academy #47
500 S. Linwood Avenue
Baltimore MD 21224
PHONE: 410-396-9146
CONTACT:  Benyka Mitchell

Function of Organization:

Food for Life (FFL) is an experential nutrition and food education program at Hampstead Hill Academy, a pre-K through 8th grade public charter school operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project.  Food for Life takes a positive, sensory-based approach to educating children about healthy eating patterns so that they can protect their health through diet throughout life.  Students at Hampstead Hill Academy learn how to grow, cook, and identify the nutrition content of foods on a variety of platforms, including: a school garden, culinary arts club, classes during the school day, and quarterly community dinners.  Food for Life offers a wealth of opportunities for volunteers to engage with students first-hand, and to contribute to research and data collection.  Hampstead Hill Academy is located very close to the JHU School of Public Health, in the neighborhood of Canton. 

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Involvement Opportunities: