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901 Arts

Better Waverly

901 Montpelier Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
Phone: 410-366-2252
Contact: Sarah Tooley, Director

Function of Organization/Site:

Better Waverly’s 901 Arts is a volunteer-driven program which serves local youth within a roughly 10 X 10-block neighborhood catchment zone (approximately 1000 homes).  80 total youth participants range in age from 6-17 years old.  Opportunities for youth include urban gardening (5 local sites run in partnership with Baltimore Green Space), music (on-site music lessons in instruments ranging from guitar, bass, piano, violin and glockenspiel), and art (on site instruction in writing and fine arts).  The program runs as an afterschool component during the school year and a 6-week summer program in the summer.  To engage high school students, there is a teen discussion group, job assistance, and SAT/homework help. The mission states a goal of “improving the life quality of youth through greening and education support.” 

Involvement opportunities:





Accessible Via Public Transportation