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Charity Drives/Donations

Throughout the academic school year, SOURCE hosts several charity drives to support our partnering community-based organizations.

Typically, one charity drive is hosted per academic quarter. Various student groups and academic departments help to co-sponsor and organize the donation drives.

Upcoming Charity Drives

Please check our Weekly Service Scoop for announcements pertaining to upcoming Charitiy Drives. For more information, including how to subscribe, visit:

Do You Have Items to Donate to a Community-Based Organization?

SOURCE can help you find a home for your items that are still in good condition. When we host a donation drive, we will handle the delivery of donated goods. However, we are unable to transport goods when a drive is not in effect (some exceptions are available for small items - contact the center directly).

Call SOURCE at 410-955-3880 and let us know what items you have to donate. We can contact our network of agencies to find a group that is in need of your items. Only those items that are in good working condition will be offered to our groups.

For clothing donations, our partnering agencies are only able to accept in-season clothing. Most of our agencies are small and have limited storage space. However, local Salvation Army and Goodwill Industry stores will accept all types of clothing year round. For PROFESSIONAL clothing, JHU's Faculty, Staff, and Retiree Programs hosts a year round professional clothing drive. View their website at: for information regarding drop off dates and locations.

The Salvation Army
905 West 36th St (Hampden) 410-243-5916
7856 Eastern Ave (near Eastpoint Mall) 410-282-3997
814 Light St (Federal Hill) 410-783-2920
You can call 410-525-0530 to schedule a pickup for up to 20 bags.

GoodWill Industries
859-865 E. Fort Ave (Southside/Federal Hill) 410-783-2995
200 S. Broadway (Fells Point) 410-327-2211
3421 Belair Road (Erdman) 410-485-2211
3101 Greenmount Ave (Waverly) 410-467-7505