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Report Your Experience 

Have you been participating in community involvement activities in Baltimore?

If so, please take a few moments to report your experience via our SOURCE Community Involvement Reporting Form.

Feedback is important to SOURCE and the community organizations within our network of partners. Additionally, we utilize the information for a variety of reports for the institution, Schools, and the community. We have utilized reporting data for a variety of advocacy initiatives, including increased staffing, funding, and awards. Additionally, students that report their activities have been invited to a number of special events. Therefore, your information is critical to our success.

Once you begin your service with the community, please track your service and involvement with our Community Involvement Reporting Form. You will use your JHED username and password to access the Community Involvement Reporting Form. On your first time logging into the system, you will be asked to provide school and demographic information which will be pre-selected on subsequent visits to the form. You do have the option to change this information if needed. Once you have completed this step, you will be able to continue to the reporting form. 

All types of community engagement can be reported. We classify the activities as either One-Time Activity or Ongoing Activity in the reporting form. For projects beyond one-time activities, we ask you to complete the form on a weekly basis (or after each shift or activity). At the end of your project (or the end of the academic year), you should complete a Final Report for your on-going activity by using the Final Report tab on your last submission. You will be able to see all of your previous submissions when you log back into the system. 

We look forward to reviewing your comments and reports. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or 410-955-3880. Now, continue to our SOURCE Community Involvement Reporting Form. Thanks!