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Special Studies Courses at JHSPH

At the Bloomberg School, every department has special studies course codes available for field applications and research.

These courses are an opportunity for students to work on "independent" projects, under the advisement of a faculty member. Often times, students complete internships with community-based organizations, non-profits, and local health departments.

All arrangements must be agreed upon by the off-campus site, a designated community preceptor at the work site, and the faculty member overseeing the special studies course. It can take a bit of extra effort to organize this type of special studies project, but it also allows great flexibility for practical opportunities in the field that truly meet the student's interests. We recommend that students begin their planning a bit early, so that they can register for special studies credits during a given academic term and finalize their arrangements and agreements in advance.

SOURCE can assist with identifying possible community-based organizations and non-profits to approach for special studies projects. Our guidance can provide students with names of potential preceptors, community-identified project needs, as well as the steps to take to develop a special studies course.

Students can ask their designated faculty advisor or any other faculty member to serve as their course advisor for special studies. Once the faculty member agrees to advise the student for special studies, he/she will also review the work plan, project deliverables, time to contribute at the site, number of credits, as well as how the student will show his/her learning (papers, presentation, journals, etc.).

Read more about developing internships for credit at the Bloomberg School (special studies). Contact SOURCE at 410-955-3880 or for additional support, or to set up an in-person consultation.