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The Door

About the Organization

  • Work with children and teens in education, drug prevention, cultural awareness, sex education, delinquency, and self-esteem
  • Support parenting groups and counseling sessions to strengthen family relationships
  • Food give-away, gas and electric shut-off programs, counseling, legal aid
  • Organizes sports and provides tutoring for adolescents to challenge them to reach their potential
  • Sponsors the Creating Affordable Home-Buyers Program
  • Advocates for children and youth activism and against family disintegration, racism, and poverty through Project Justice
  • Promotes self-help and economic improvement for single-family households

Involvement Opportunities

  • Clerical
  • Tutoring
  • The Baltimore Urban Leadership Foundation
  • Home rehabilitation

Additional Information

Volunteer mentor opportunity


Walking distance from BSPH (.41 miles).