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Institutes for Behavior Resources, Inc./REACH Program

Institutes for Behavior Resources - Front of building

About the Organization

To address the needs of the total person by individualizing services, utilizing best practice treatment modalities, and integrating ancillary services and programs from within the community.

Involvement Opportunities

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities and experiences available to JHU students.

  • Program Evaluation
    • Survey design
    • Data Collection
    • Data Analysis
  • Health Education Classes
    • Create lesson plans and teach weekly classes to patients around health and wellness, chronic disease and body systems and functions
  • Shadowing Opportunities (Nursing Students)
    • patient intake and assessment
    • creating and updating care plans
    • motivational interviewing
    • health education and literacy
  • Anti-Stigma Campaign
    • create and roll-out campaign efforts
    • explore stigma against people who have struggled with addiction and substance abuse disorder
    • Gain an understanding of stigma surrounding substance use disorder through education efforts with clinicians and community members