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SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center)

Center for Adolescent Health

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N Wolfe Street
Baltimore MD 21205
PHONE: (443) 287-3006
FAX: (410) 614-3956
CONTACT: Katrina L. Brooks, MHS
Community Relations/ Youth Coordinator


We are committed to helping urban youth become healthy and productive adults through local partnerships, programs and community-based research projects.

Involvement Opportunities:

The Center for Adolescent Health is committed to training and mentoring the adolescent health researchers of tomorrow. We offer a stimulating environment in which you can explore your interests in adolescent public health, while gaining the knowledge and expertise you need to compete in today's job market. We welcome student collaboration and strive to identify opportunities that will augment your skills and knowledge with experiences that promote competence in community-based prevention.

Opportunities exist in the following areas:

Our core project is the Health & Opportunity Partnership (HOPE) project, a joint effort of the Center for Adolescent Health and the HEBCAC/Youth Opportunity (YO!) Program to bring health promotion activities, especially those focusing on mental health, to YO!! participants. For information on this project, contact Dr. Freya Sonenstein.

Other involvement opportunities include the Community Advisory Board (CAB), a vital decision-making partnership with the Center, and the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), made up of young community members who have a voice in guiding the Center's efforts. To learn more about the CAB and YAC, contact Seante Hatcher or call (443) 287-3006.