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SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center)

Henderson-Hopkins School


2100 Ashland Ave  #368
Baltimore, MD  21205
PHONE: (443) 642-2060
WEBSITE:  Henderson-Hopkins School

Function of Organization/Site:

The new “Henderson-Hopkins School” (Baltimore City Public K-7)

Student centered long term volunteer opportunities: These volunteer opportunities are for those that would like to make a long term commitment to volunteering at Henderson Hopkins and joining in the mission/vision of the school. Currently we have two long term projects: Big Brother Big Sister (1:1 mentoring) and personalized learning math tutoring. There is a minimal commitment of at least one hour a week for one year.

Teacher support short term volunteer opportunities: These volunteer opportunities are short term opportunities based on teacher/school need.  Volunteers add their name to a database that best captures their interests and we connect you with teachers/school support staff who can use your skills! 

Opportunities can include: Adopt A Class, reading to classes, health education, class presentations, teacher administrative support, middle school assembly speakers, health fair, and career fair.  Commitment ranges from one time opportunities to monthly.

Community involved outside projects/events/partnerships: An application process that outside organizations must complete and get reviewed to have their projects/events occur at HH.

Please review the Henderson Hopkins Volunteer Info Packet and complete the application form, which is linked in the pack, if you are interested in a volunteer opportunity.