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Helping Up Mission


 1029 E Baltimore St
Baltimore, MD 21202

Primary Contact: Barry Burnett, Philanthropy Coordinator
Phone: 410-675-7500 x 147

Function of Organization/Site:

Helping Up Mission provides hope to men experiencing homelessness, poverty, addiction, and mental illness. We do this through programs designed to meet their individual physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. Helping Up Mission is a non-denominational 501(c)(3) faith-based organization, providing compassionate care to all in need, without consideration of race, sex, economic or religious status.

Involvement Opportunities:

 - Tutorial -- Assistance with the GED and EDP programs

 - Kitchen—Prep work, Cooks and Servers

 - Hope Tote Campaign—Collecting and Distributing Toiletry Items

 - Health Screenings—Flu Shots and Regular Health Screening, Education, and Awareness

 - Academic/Scholarly Projects include:


Helping Up Mission can be accessed via public transportation:

Helping Up Mission's Volunteer Application