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What We Do

What We Do

SPARC Constitution
SPARC is an official JHSPH student group.

2008-2009 Development of a Certificate in Community-Based Public Health
In 2008, SPARC led an effort, with partnership from SOURCE and the Department of Health, Behavior and Society (HBS), to develop a new JHSPH Certificate in Community-Based Public Health.   (Click here to view Certificate information)  SPARC established the initial proposal for the Certificate, as well as a supporting document explaining the need for the Certificate at the School.

2008 Rationale for the Certificate

2008 SPARC Proposal for the Certificate
In September 2008, SPARC, SOURCE and HBS hosted a public forum to present the certificate proposal to the School community, and gather feedback from interested students, faculty and staff.

2008 Public Forum Presentation
In October 2008, the School's Committee on Academic Standards reviewed and approved the Certificate proposal, and the Certificate was formally approved by the School in January 2009.  It was offered for enrollment in September 2009, and is open to all graduate students at the University.  This is the first Certificate in Community-Based Public Health at a U.S. School of Public Health.

The Certificate in Community-Based Public Health creates additional curricular opportunities for community-engaged training and service.  The Certificate guidelines, including educational objectives and required and elective courses, can be found on the School’s website, at:

2007 JHSPH Student Survey
In May 2007, SPARC repeated our 2005 JHSPH student body survey. Results indicated a growing student interest in institutional engagement with the East Baltimore Community. Survey results are included in the memo outlining the rationale for the certificate proposal, above.

2007 List of Community-Engaged Courses
Members of the SPARC Executive Commitee in collaboration with SOURCE prepared a list of courses that contain some focus on community engagement. Updated Fall 2007.

2006 Student Assembly Resolution
SPARC prepared a resolution calling on JHSPH to invest greater resources in the East Baltimore community and to convene a committee including community and student representatives to determine how best to do this. The resolution was passed unanimously by Student Assembly in May 2006.

2005 JHSPH Student Survey Results
This survey was conducted in May 2005 and asked students for their opinions on JHSPH's involvement with the East Baltimore community. It demonstrated widespread student interest in community engagement through coursework and investment in the community by the institution.

2005 Report to the Administration
This report summarizes 2005 student survey results, presents a rationale for taking action, and includes recommendations for curricular and institutional changes to promote community engagement at JHSPH.

Full Report

Executive Summary/Flyer 

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