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School of Medicine SOURCE Student Governing Board

SOURCE Student Governing Board from the School of Medicine aims to provide Johns Hopkins medical students with the opportunities and organization needed to develop a unique and long-lasting niche in the Baltimore community.

By linking already existing resources, we aim to help students become more effectively involved in community service and social justice activities. SOURCE Student Governing Board works closely with SOURCE to accomplish its missions. We aim to develop community service projects that match medical school students' unique skills and interests with the needs of the community. With institutional support in the forms of funding and faculty mentorship, we hope to ensure the longevity of our projects.

For more information on service-based medical student organizations, click here.

Our Mission

By educating medical students about Baltimore, we hope to increase student awareness and sensitivity to issues facing this community. We feel this will positively contribute to their development as effective physicians.

Contact SOM SOURCE Student Governing Board Members

Melissa Liu


Katie Washington


Sam Scharff


Amy Quan


Ophelia YinMSIV

Cody CichowitzMSIV

Ankur DoshiMSIV

Ryan Bickley

Colleen Shannon 

Julia Ramos


Anna Goddu

Melissa Lavoie
Mary PeelerMSII

Jose Reyes

Lauren Sutherland

Aravind Krishnan

Mindi Levin


Shane BryanSOURCE 

To learn more about the School of Medicine SOURCE Student Governing Board members, click here.