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SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center)

School of Nursing Student Groups

The following is a listing of School of Nursing student groups that partner with SOURCE.

Advocates for Healthcare Access

Advocates for Healthcare Access is a student organization dedicated to improving access to quality healthcare in urban and rural areas. Our purpose is to investigate, educate, and equip students with the necessary tools and resources to affect change in communities through educational presentations from guest speakers and community outreach. Advocates for Healthcare Access seeks to: 1) increase awareness of the current healthcare delivery system to underserved populations and barriers that impede access to quality care; 2) identify nursing competencies that will best serve populations in need; 3) investigate possible solutions to issues faced by underserved populations and devise ways to implement such solutions as future nurse leaders.

2015-2016 Contacts: Kathleen Littleton, & Kimberly Katada

Bienestar Baltimore

Bienestar Baltimore is a student-run organization comprised of volunteers from Schools of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing.  Originally named Program Salud, the organization began in 2006, as a pilot tuberculosis screening program.  Bienestar has since expanded its services to respond to emerging needs of Baltimore’s Latino population.  Bienestar now offers a variety of health screening, health education, and health promotion programs. Our organization includes a base of approximately 60 committed volunteers from the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing.

2015-2016 Contact: Kelsi Brooks

Health Leads

Health Leads (formerly Project Health) is a tri-school service group that works with uninsured patients to help them access healthcare and other resources, such as food stamps.  Medical students work at the Bayview Emergency Department and talk to patients that do not have health insurance.  Students help these clients apply for any medical assistance that they qualify for (such as Medicaid) and also inform patients about other healthcare access options, like Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers.  Students follow-up with these clients by telephone to help the clients navigate the often-complicated system.  Health Leads helps students understand the complexity of healthcare access issue and disparities.  Health Leads is also a great way to meet students from the School of Nursing and School of Public Health, along with Hopkins undergraduates.

2014-2015 Contact: Allison Brandt

Pediatric and School Health Interest Group (PSHIG)

The Pediatric and School Health Interest Group are made up of students interested in becoming involved within the pediatric community throughout Baltimore. Students volunteer with organizations serving youth while also learning more about pediatrics and school health. This is a great way to meet and learn with fellow students interested in becoming more involved with pediatrics and school health. 

2014-2015 Contacts: Grey Meyer, Meg Steuer & Hannah Salter

Nursing Students for Harm Reduction 

Nursing Students for Harm Reduction’s purpose is to educate peers, faculty, and community members about harm reduction practices, increase awareness about the effectiveness of using a harm reduction approach to healthcare, and promote access to harm reduction services. The group seeks to unite nursing students across the Baltimore community and welcomes anyone who is interested in learning more about harm reduction.

2015-2016 Contacts: Demetrius Marcoulides & Meredith Zoltic

Nursing Students for Reproductive Health and Justice

Johns Hopkins University Nursing Students for Reproductive Health and Justice works to promote women's health and reproductive rights through awareness, advocacy, activism, and community outreach. NSRHJ welcomes any undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral level student who is interested in promoting women's health and expanding knowledge around social justice and reproductive health.

2014-2015 Contact:  Falisha Khan, & Kaete Billipp,

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) Fellows Program

The JHU School of Nursing Peace Corps Fellows Program has been in existence since 1991. This program is an official program of the U.S. Peace Corps, one of their domestic programs whose aim is for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to fulfill the 3rd goal of Peace Corps, “Bringing the world back home.” 

The JHU SON program provides Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who are pursuing a degree at the School of Nursing with an opportunity to fulfill that 3rd goal by participating in community outreach and service learning experiences. Fellows participate in the SON’s Community Outreach Program as well as additional service opportunities, both domestic and international, throughout the school year. Fellows attend monthly meetings, assist in program planning, build upon a commitment to service in the world’s communities, and receive career mentoring as they evolve their dedication to service into the profession of nursing.

2015-2016 Contact: Bethany Allen,

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA includes an executive board of students who oversee individual class government functions and partner with local community-based organizations to streamline civic engagement at the School of Nursing. 

Full a full list of Officers, click here.

Student Nurses Association (SNA)

NSNA is a professional organization for nursing students focused on community service through a variety of community-based partners.  Examples of community engagement have included brunch preparation for the families at the Johns  Hopkins Children's House on a regular basis. 

Contact: Jailee