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SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center)

Bloomberg School Student Groups

The following is a listing of student based organizations within the Bloomberg School that partner with SOURCE.

African Public Health Network (APHN)

The African Public Health network is a student and faculty run association established in 1991 at the Bloomberg School. Members include students, alumni and health professionals who are from Africa, have worked in Africa or are interested in African public health matters. The mission of the group is to create a forum for exchange of ideas, information and experiences as well as training and research collaboration related to public health issues of special concern to Africa and Afircan populations. APHN serves as a platform where voices can be raised to shed light on public health problems and their socio-economic dimensions in Africa. Members also become a part of a professional and social network of African public health professionals.

2015-2016 Contacts: President - William Menson


The goal of Ahimsa is to raise awareness of violence as both a human rights and public health issue. In order to mobilize the Johns Hopkins community to take action, Ahimsa’s efforts draw attention to the health consequences of volence, specifically gender-­‐based violence (GBV), and our role as public health practitioners to address related challenges both domestically and internationally. Through a wide variety of activities, such as “coffee talks”, roundtable discussions and community outreach, Ahimsa contributes to global efforts to build a comprehensive and multi-­‐sectoral response to GBV (physical, sexual, emotional, and structural) committed against not only women and girls, but also men and boys. By mobilizing future global health leaders, Ahimsa hopes that they will take action to incorporate different aspects of GBV prevention and response into their work to improve health in all corners of the world. Additional information can be found by clicking here.

2015-2016 Contact:

Anna Baetjer Society (ABS)

The members of the Anna Baetjer Society are as diverse and varied as the field of public health itself, but share a common interest in its practice. The organization makes a difference in the health of communities by working to solve problems corresponding to a broad range of backgrounds and interests. ABS recognizes that the classroom is not a venue capable of meeting all of our needs and so serves as an extension of in-class public health lessons and thereby enhance academic, professional, and social experience of members during their stay at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

2015-2016 Contact: President - Peter Lesiak

Baltimore Student Harm Reduction Coalition (BSHRC)

The Baltimore Student Harm Reduction Coalition aims to build a network of health and social service students, alumni, and professionals committed to harm reduction principles and to serve as a conduit for direct community involvement and advocacy. BSHRC was established in January 2011 by a group of students interested in promoting harm reduction in Baltimore. We are currently a program of Fusion Partnerships, Inc. The student group envisions a world in which harm reduction is a foundational principle in improving health outcomes and informing public policy. For a definition of Harm Reduction as it relates to drug use (although Harm Reduction does not only apply to drug use), visit:

2015-2016 Contact:

Bienestar Baltimore

Bienestar Baltimore is a student-run organization comprised of volunteers from Schools of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing. Originally named Program Salud, the organization began in 2006 as a pilot tuberculosis screening program. Bienestar has since expanded its services to respond to emerging needs of Baltimore’s Latino population. Bienestar now offers a variety of health screening, health education, and health promotion programs. Our organization includes a base of approximately 60 committed volunteers from the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing.

2015-2016 Contact:

Child Health Society

The Child Health Society (CHS) aims to heighten awareness and promote advocacy within the school and surrounding community about public health concerns that affect children. Through organization of events such as World Pneumonia Day and Child Health Week, lecture seminars and various other activities, the group serves to educate the JHSPH community about issues related to child health. The group also maintains involvement with the surrounding East Baltimore community though child mentorship programs and other community initiatives. CHS consists of students and faculty dedicated to the improvement of child health both on a national and an international level. The group continues to sponsor both independent and collaborative activities with this primary focus in mind.

2015-2016 Contacts: Leah Seifu

Epidemiology Student Organization

Epidemiology Student Organization facilitates communication among students and between students and faculty members in the Department of Epidemiology to advocate for students’ needs. The organization is an active forum for planning various student activities, ranging from academic and social activities for the members to community service activities. Over the past years, ESO has been involved with facilitating public health lessons at area high schools.

2015-2016 Contacts: Jimmy Le & Paul Sacamano 

Health Leads

Health Leads (formerly Project Health) is a tri-school service group that works with uninsured patients to help them access healthcare and other resources, such as food stamps. Medical students work at the Bayview Emergency Department and talk to patients that do not have health insurance. Students help these clients apply for any medical assistance that they qualify for (such as Medicaid) and also inform patients about other healthcare access options, like Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers. Students follow-up with these clients by telephone to help the clients navigate the often-complicated system. Health Leads helps students understand the complexity of healthcare access issue and disparities. Health Leads is also a great way to meet students from the School of Nursing and School of Public Health, along with Hopkins undergraduates.

2014-2015 Contact: Allison Brandt,

Hopkins LIFE (Leadership Initiative For the Environment)

The purpose of the LIFE student group is to build a sustainable community at Johns Hopkins University through the graduate student network.  We function as a bridge between the graduate students, facilities, and the Sustainability Network with the goal of promoting sustainability, identifying and solving problems with the sustainability infrastructure at Hopkins, and communicating these strides with the members of the Johns Hopkins community. In addition to internal environmental initiatives, LIFE aims to bridge Johns Hopkins to community efforts around Baltimore to improve the environment and promote sustainable living. LIFE meets monthly and organizes events throughout the semester, such as volunteer opportunities, recycling drives, workshops and movie screenings.

2015-2016 Contacts: Alex Mims or Leo Hagmann

Thread (formerly Incentive Mentoring Program)

Thread fosters the academic and personal growth of students at Dunbar High School. Volunteers provide after-school tutoring for the students and, in turn, the students design and participate in monthly community service projects to benefit others. In addition, there are quarterly field trips to build a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Thread meets every Monday and Tuesday from 3:15pm - 6pm in the Dunbar High School library. Dinner is provided for the students and volunteers. For additional information, visit website:

2015-2016 Contact: Amber Earl,

J.B. Grant International Society

The J.B. Grant International Society focuses on international health issues. Additionally, they partner with SOURCE to provide cultural presentations to local middle school social studies classes. Great opportunity for international students and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to share their experiences!

2015-2016 Contact:

Latino Public Health Network (LPHN)

The Latino Public Health Network seeks to foster a strong awareness of Latin American issues among the Bloomberg School community through cultural, educational and social activities. The student group works to create a network of Bloomberg School students, faculty and alumni with roots or interests in the various Latino and Latin American cultural identities, healthcare issues and research. The goals of the Latino Public Health Network are to: increase the awareness among student and faculty at the Bloomberg School about Latin American social and cultural issues; serve as a peer support system for incoming students from Latin America; coordinate efforts to promote training and internships in Latin American countries; develop a network of people interested in public health issues in Latin America.

2015-2016 Contact: President - Daniel Antiporta

Student Assembly Community Affairs (SACA)

The Community Affairs Committee works with SOURCE, student groups, faculty, staff, and the administration to support and/or develop the infrastructure to allow students to better connect with the community. 

2015-2016 Contact: Nina Martin

Women's Health Group 

The Women's Health Group is a collective group of students that seek to empower and uplift women. Through radical approaches, we work on public health issues affecting women across all intersecting identities and deconstruct gender inequity within the school and the surrounding community.

Contact: Sylvie Lauzon