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SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center)

SOURCE Community Council

Representatives from our partnering community-based organizations provide information, guidance, advice and support to SOURCE. 

Advice given by the CBOs could impact policy development, recruitment ideas, academic linkages and more. The council serves as a brainstorming group, or think tank, to address issues and concerns, and to create ideas and strategies to carry out the work of the center.

SOURCE’s Community Council is an integral component to SOURCE’s leadership committees.  Serving on SOURCE’s Community Council is an excellent way to learn more about the wide range of services and recruitment efforts offered through SOURCE, the community engagement and service-learning center for the JHU health professional schools. The council serves in the following capacities:

*Note: Recrutiment for new Council members is conducted during the spring each year.

SOURCE Community Council Members

Gayne Barlow-Kemper, Southeast Early Headstart
Pam Brown, Baltimore Medical Systems
Molly Rose Greenberg, Health Care for the Homeless
Mike Glenwick, Commodore John Rodgers
Vaile Leonard, The Light of Truth Center
Todd Marcus, Intersection of Change
Rebekah Lin Meyer, Living Classrooms Foundation
Connie Phelps, Wolfe Street Academy
Jamille Pitts, Youth Opportunity (YO!) Center, HEBCAC
Larry Schugam, Baltimore Community Practicum
Eric Seymour, Esperanza Center
Wes Stewart, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative
Casey Thomas, Soccer Without Borders



Mindi B. Levin, Director
Kristen Wright, Associate Director
Keilah A. Jacques, Assistant Director
Shane Bryan, Assistant Director
Vanessa Pinkney, Administrative Coordinator
Glenn Ross, Community Consultant

Meet our Community Council Members