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Community Care Initiative (CCI)

The Community Care Initiative (CCI) focuses on connecting underserved communities with health education and providers. While most health events typically provide only information, CCI links long term care organizations with community members who could benefit from their services and educational resources. Organizations such as free clinics, non-profit andgovernment-run insurance groups, disease-based advocacy groups, and representatives of housing, employment, and legal agencies will be in attendance. Additionally, students and professionals from the graduate schools of Law, Nursing, Public Health, Medicine, and Dentistry at the University of Maryland and Medicine, Public Health and Nursing from Johns Hopkins University will be on hand to provide attendees with information, screenings and connections to resources at their respective organizations. The event itself traditionally takes in late April to early May depending on the availability of the participating community center, organizations and student groups. After a successful collaboration in the Spring of 2008, we're looking to return to the Oliver neighborhood in East Baltimore for the Spring of 2009 event.

Working with CCI was great not only for the opportunity to invest in the health of Baltimore's underserved communities but also for the valuable lessons it taught me about community health. As an organizer for our East Baltimore fair location, I had the opportunity to hear about important healthcare challenges not from a class or website but from the experience of community leaders and practitioners. Working with volunteers from nursing, medicine and public health broadened my thinking on not only how to provide good health but also the many factors which go into delivering a meaningful one day event. Although a fairly low stress, short term experience, the lessons I have learned and the connections I've made through CCI have been useful in many other aspects of my volunteer and professional work. Evan Russell, SOM, MSII

Photo from past CCI Health Fair