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Bienestar Baltimore


Leah Johnson, Bienestar Baltimore

I have been working with Bienestar for the last two and a half years during which time my role has developed from representing Bienestar at Undergraduate meetings to working with other leaders on the Tuberculosis project, running screenings, coordinating volunteers, training new volunteers, and organizing meetings. I also work with the nursing school to maintain our nursing intern program and on developing a new Diabetes screening program. Bienestar has been an opportunity to develop strong ties with students from the Schools of Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health. What I find most important about Bienestar is the nature of its leadership. We are student run with faculty advisors allowing students to work on program development and community organizing while maintaining a quality program focused on serving the community. I have found the Bienestar leadership and volunteers to be inspirational, they are all very hard working and dedicated to serving the Latino community.

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