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SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center)

SOURCE Service Scholars Program

Up to 15 SOURCE Service Scholars (SSS) will be selected for the 2018-2019 academic year to lead small teams of students on projects to be developed with SOURCE partnering community-based organizations (CBOs).  Projects should be geared towards the ability to lead and involve a small team of students (minimum of 4 students, but opportunity to engage more students in activities is welcome) and should take place throughout the academic year (September 2018-May 2019).  Upon completion of in-depth training and a minimum requirement of 150 hours of service, Scholars will receive a small stipend for their on-going commitment to the community project.

Scholar projects must be completed within the academic year.  The program is not designed to bring students on as interns to assist with regular program management; rather, the position should be designed to begin and end within the time frame allotted, working on a specific project.  Additionally, the role of the Scholar is designed to assist an organization in bringing on volunteers from the JHU health professional schools to work on the project or assist with activities at the organization – these can be either one-time or ongoing volunteer positions.  CBOs interested in bringing on a Scholar must have ideas for the volunteer recruitment component of the project.

Potential Project Examples Include:

CBO Preceptors are expected to:

SOURCE Service Scholars are expected to:

Application Process for Students (will open in February 2018): 

How to Apply:

SSS Projects are identified with SOURCE community partners. Applicants review all projects online and rank up to 5 top choices of interest. Applications are reviewed, and top candidates for each project are invited to interview with the CBOs. 

SSS Commitments:

SSS Benefits:

SSS Application:

SSS FAQs For Students

SSS FAQs For Community Based Organizations


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