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MPH Capstone Projects

SOURCE has compiled a listing of local public health community organizations that are interested in collaborating on capstone projects.

Organizations have indicated all of the appropriate areas in which they would collaborate with a student for their capstone. Click each link for descriptions of these agencies or contact SOURCE at 410-955-3880 or for more information.

The four possible areas for capstone projects:

Grant Proposal or Research Plan

The capstone project would simulate a grant or research proposal. The project would include a clear statement of the research question, the specific aims of the proposal, review of literature, study design, methods of analysis, implications and significance of the work. The research question would be one that is encountered in professional work such as the evaluation of a public health intervention.

Interested community-based organizations:

Research Report

The capstone project would involve the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to address a public health problem. The project would include sections on the research question, study design, data collection procedures, data analysis, interpretation, and significance of findings. Please note that the appropriate IRB approval may need to be obtained for such a project.

Interested community-based organizations:

Public Health Program Plan

The capstone project would involve the development of a plan to implement a public health program. It would address critical issues such as management, fiscal, ethical and logistical issues.

Interested community-based organizations:

Analysis of a Public Health Problem

The capstone project would be an in-depth analysis of an important public health problem. The project would include sections that clearly describe the problem, assess the problem and its magnitude, evaluate its causes and determinants, discuss prevention and intervention strategies, and implementation and evaluation.

Interested community-based organizations:

For more information on the general requirements of the Capstone project,  click here.