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Become a SOURCE Partnering  Community-Based Organization

SOURCE has many services to offer our partnering community-based organizations (CBOs).

By becoming a partnering CBO, SOURCE will advertise and recruit volunteers for your organization, share information regarding your services with all student organizations, include your CBO in our annual SOURCE Community Involvement Fair (held in September) and much more.

However, we are unable to guarantee volunteers. The Johns Hopkins University Schools of Medicine, Nursing and the Bloomberg School of Public Health students, faculty and staff use our resources to find community involvement opportunities that match their needs and interests.

Application Process

Please note that we only accept partners in Baltimore City. Additionally, we are not accepting new tutoring/mentoring partners at this time. (Read why we are not accepting new Tutoring/ Mentoring partners.)  We highly recommend that you carefully review Step 1 before moving forward with an application. Application deadlines are January 1st and July 1st.

Step 1: Review Partnership Guidelines

Review both the "Partner Criteria" and "Mutual Expectations" to determine if your CBO would like to consider a partnership with SOURCE. These documents contain the basic criteria needed to qualify for partnership and the expectations associated with working in partnership with our center. If you would like to move forward with the application process, continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Complete Partnership Application

Complete a "SOURCE CBO Partnership Application" and return it to SOURCE. Partnership applications are reviewed twice a year, and must be submitted by these deadlines: January 1st and July 1st. You will be notified that we have received your application materials.

Please note: Should SOURCE receive a high volume of applications during any one review period, SOURCE will need to prioritize those applicants that appear to be the most promising for a potential partnership (based on the interests and needs of our graduate level health professional schools). Other applicants will be informed of this circumstance, and will be moved into the next review cycle for review. To date, this has not occurred. However, SOURCE reserves the right to alter the timeline of the application process due to staffing capacity and the need to maintain current programming.

Step 3: Telephone Conversation

Following both the January 1st and July 1st application deadlines, your materials will be reviewed. Time will be set up to discuss a potential partnership by telephone with those organizations that meet our criteria and are of interest to our center. Initial telephone conversations are important to gather additional information to present to our full governing board.

Step 4: Schedule a Site Visit

Following the initial telephone conversation, SOURCE's Governing Board will decide if your organization appears to be an appropriate candidate for a formal partnership with our health professional schools. Organizations that are deemed to be promising at this point in time will be asked to schedule a site visit with members of our SOURCE team (including center staff, students, faculty and administrators). For January 1st applicants, site visits will occur during the Winter (February, March). For July 1st applicants, site visits will occur during the Fall (September, October, November). These time frames work best for our students' academic schedules and our center's annual calendar of activities.

Step 5: Governing Board Vote

Following a site visit to your CBO, the site visit team will share their review of your CBO with the full SOURCE Governing Board (a committee of representatives including students, faculty, staff, deans and community members from SOURCE's Community Council). SOURCE's Governing Board will then vote to decide if your CBO should be added to SOURCE's network of partners. Your CBO will be notified of the board's decision.

* Forms can be faxed to 410-502-2736 or mailed to our office:

Johns Hopkins University
SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center)
615 N. Wolfe Street, 1st Floor, Ste W1600
Baltimore, MD 21205

In exchange for our services of advertising your opportunities, we ask that you notify us when a Johns Hopkins student, faculty, staff member or student organization volunteers with your organization. We rely on reports from our partnering CBOs to track important statistics for our center. If you have any further questions, please contact the SOURCE office.     

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