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SOURCE Alumni & Friends Newsletter
Winter 2017


Social Justice in ActionNew Programming for SOURCE

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As SOURCE continues to connect students, faculty, and staff with the community, we wanted to develop a more explicit social justice focus in our work. As a result of our increased funding provided by the Schools of Nursing and Public Health, our new Assistant Director for Academic Service-Learning, Keilah Jacques, is leading the development of a social justice strategy that will inform our existing and new programming at SOURCE.

This intentional process engages members of our SOURCE community in the development of a 3 year plan of action which can address immediate needs; and long term goals—in addition to creating measurable and sustainable solutions. Our hope is to create a plan that will incorporate intentional social justice into our service-learning courses, school-wide programing, and justice in action community-based partnerships. Here is an inside look at the process.

The group process will be shaped by the 5 conditions of Collective Impact:

  1. Develop a common agenda, or a common outcome for the collective to work toward.
  2. Utilize shared measurement, which is information and processes from our respective spaces that help us identify gaps and needs, as well as success and progress.
  3. Participate in mutually reinforcing activities which service our stakeholders and address a broad range of interest.
  4. Maintain continuous communication about the stages and steps in the process
  5. Utilize the support of SOURCE staff to keep the administrative and facilitated elements moving forward.

The Social Justice Task Force will utilize these conditions, as well as established group guidelines, as we execute a strategic planning cycle, through monthly meetings through December 2017. The goal is to make these meetings as accessible as possible so locations will vary and small group meetings can take place virtually. To find out more on the progress of the group and see their work, take a look at the group site here.


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