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SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center)

What Opportunities are Available for Our Students with Your Organization?

Each summer, SOURCE sends out a large summer mailing to all of our partnering CBOs. Including in the mailing is our annual "Student Recruitment Kit." Please review these materials, and then complete the checklist below with the types of opportunities that would be available for our students.

This information is essential. Your responses aid us in identifying students, faculty, and staff that would be able to provide reliable assistance for your organization. Please complete these details ASAP!



Opportunities Checklist
*Please review the Student Recruitment Kit for 2015-2016 for the requirements on the following academic-based opportunities based on duration and length (see Student Recruitment Kit for detailed information about each program).
Ongoing/Long-Term Projects:
Curricular Service-Learning Projects:
Short-Term Projects:
SOURCE Training & Partner Learning Opportunities: Check all of the opportunties you are interested in or interested in learning about