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Champion of the Month: Past Winners

SOURCE highlights a student, faculty or staff member from the health professional schools monthly as the SOURCE Champion of the Month. These individuals exemplify what it means to be a champion of service in Baltimore. Providing their time, energy and expertise through service with SOURCE partnering organizations or student groups, they are committed to positive change for the Baltimore community.

The SOURCE Champion of the Month is featured in the SOURCE Weekly Service Scoop, on our website and Facebook page. Below you will find profiles for all of our SOURCE Champion of the Month winners. 

Do you know someone who deserves to be highlighted for their service and commitment to positive social change in Baltimore? You can nominate that individual by completing our quick and easy nomination form here.

Learn about our past winners' passion to stay involved and make a difference in the Baltimore community.


April 2017: Poonam Daryani

March 2017: Kelsey Porter

February 2017: Hannah Carl

January 2017: Terrinieka (Terri) Powell

December 2016: Hilary Sama

October 2016: Julia Ramos

September 2016: Melissa Lavoie

August 2016: Neha Bakhai

July 2016: Tim Whelden

June 2016: Rosemary Lu

May 2016: Jennifer Plotkin

April 2016: Braveen Ragunanthan

March 2016: Joshua Prudent

Feb 2016: Janice Evans

Jan 2016: Jamie Wiles

Dec 2015: Nina Martin

Nov 2015: Tyler Mains

Oct 2015: Ruthly Francois

Sept 2015: Lisa Townsend

Aug 2015: Janie Gordon

July 2015: Xiao Wang

June 2015: Cory Bradley

May 2015: Jasma Rucker

April 2015: Katherine Culbreath

Mar 2015: Brent Kim

Feb 2015: Dr. Elizabeth "Ibby" Tanner

Jan 2015: Marion Trumbull

Dec 2014: Jawara Allen

Nov 2014: Matthew Dwyer

Oct 2014: Cody Cichowitz

Sept 2014: Katie Washington Cole

Aug 2014: Kate Miele

July 2014: Dr. Marie Diener-West

June 2014: John Muschelli

May 2014: Dr. Roni Neff

Apr 2014: Lindsey Leslie

Mar 2014: Yvonne Kingon

Feb 2014: Christina Kachulis

Jan 2014: Melissa Liu

Dec 2013: Nyadia Griffith

Nov 2013: Dr. Vanya Jones

Oct 2013: Drew White